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Yosemite National Park, CA, USA

As I spent there less than a day, I don’t think I can say much about this park, but impressive nature, mountains and waterfalls pushed me to post something about this park in “places” part of the website. Also, this small and inadequate description of this great place is the first “place” outside Australia posted in this blog.

To keep format of the post, here is some formal info: Yosemite National Park famous for its’ waterfalls, deep valleys and steep mountains occupies approximately 1200 square miles in the Eastern California.

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Sacred Canyon, Flinders Ranges

Sacred Canyon is one of the places in the Flinders Ranges National Park where you can explore some nice examples of the Aboriginal Art. Comparing to other similar places, Sacred Canyon offers images that were engraved onto the stone surface, not painted with ochre or charcoal. Read more…