Due to the volcanic history of the Gawler Ranages some 1500 million years ago, the Gawler Ranges National Park exhibits one of the largest in the world exposures of the volcanic rhyolite  also known as organic pipes.

Park is located 40 kilometers north off the Eyre Peninsula Highway and, from the south, can be accessed by the unsealed roads via Minnipa, Wudinna and Kimba.

Among the many places with rocks like this, the most popular location to explore these octagonal rock formations is in the southern part of the park, marked as “Organ Pipes” on the map from park brochure.

The most convenient way to get there is to take a road towards the park from Minnipa and after the park entrance turn left following the sign pointing to “Organ Pipes”.

A 10 kilometer 4WD-only track from the park entrance to organ pipes will bring you to a small car parking area. From there,you will need to walk for approximately 500 meters.

In addition to visiting actual organ pipes, I’d recommend walking around hills and slopes nearby. Make sure you wear an appropriate footwear and be very careful – slopes are quite slippery.

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Gawler Ranges National Park
Kolay Mirica Falls, Gawler Ranges National Park


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