Flinders Ranges National Park

This is a summary post about the Flinders Ranges National Park. Here I tried to put together images of the most interesting and famous spots with links to larger photos and place descriptions.


Bunyeroo Valley

Lets start from the Bunyeroo Valley (large version) on the photo above. This iconic view of the Flinders Ranges was taken from the Razorback Lookout, located not far from the “Bunyeroo Valley Lookout”.



Wilpena Pound Aerial View

Wilpena Pound from the air. Flinders Ranges National Park has couple air strips where you can hire a small plane and fly over the ranges. Prices are reasonable. More details about the pound here: Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges National Park.



Arkaba Station

Sunrise at Arkaba station (large version), taken from the hill next to the road. Established in 1851, this sheep farm is still in business, it also provides accommodation and camping.



Wilpena Pound, view from Mount Ohlssen Bagge

Wilpena Pound as seen from the Ohlssen Bagge mountain. You can get there by following a hard and challenging trail – 6.4 kilometres return, appoximately 4 hours.



Sacred Canyon

Aboriginal Art Site Sacred Canyon, comparing to other sites – this one doesn’t have fences and images are engraved onto the stone surface. Click for more details.



Rawnsley Bluff

Rawnsley Bluff (large version), taken from the road to the Rawnsley Station.



Brachina Gorge

Brachina Gorge, one of the most popular places in the Flinders Ranges. Exposed rock layers allow exploration of the geological history of the region. Read more here.



Wilpena Pound, view from St. Mary's Peak

Wilpena Pound from the St. Mary’s Peak, the highest peak of the region and the second highest mountain in South Australia. Click here to read more about St. Mary’s Peak.



Chace Range

This photo of Chace Range (large version) was taken from the road to Rawnsley Station. You will need a good telephoto lens to reach it from there.



The Bunkers, Stokes Hill Lookout

The Bunkers, Stokes Hill Lookout (large version). Nice location with big potential for sunset photography.



Arkaba Rock

Aboriginal Art at Arkaroo Rock. Read more here. It is beleived that these images are telling a story about creation of the Wilpena Pound.



Hucks Lookout

Hucks Lookout. Just a lookout, I didn’t have any creative photo ideas while I was there.



The Cazneaux Tree

The Cazneaux Tree. In 1937, photographer Harold Cazneaux believed that this tree embodied struggle and endurance. He called it “The Spirit Of Endurance”.



St Mary's Peak

St. Mary’s Peak (large version) a few minutes after the sunrise. This image was taken from the hill next to the Wilpena solar power station.



Yourambulla Caves

Yourambulla Caves Aboriginal Painting Site, 11 kilometers south of Hawker.



The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China (large version) in the northern part of the park. Best viewed from the hill across the road.



Bunbinyunna Range

Bunbinyunna Range (large version) is located on the west side of the Wilpena Pound, making it a perfect spot for sunsets. Follow Marolanna Scenic Drive to get there.


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