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I’ve just decided to declare Fridays in this blog as a Links Day. From now on, I’ll post links to interesting articles, blogs and sites weekly. At least I’ll try to stick to this schedule. 

  1. FM 100 Hue Test. What is your colour IQ? I’ve got score 0 on the first and the only try.
  2. Digital Photography Workflow: Fashion Photography, by Patrick Lavoie. Patrick, professional photo retoucher, describes his digital workflow in details.

According to google, there are 1.3 millions pages that mention Canon 5d Mark II. Just to keep most useful in the one place, Canon 5D Mark II info:

  1. Official specs from Canon
  2. Summary of press info and specs on Northlight Images. 
  3. DPReview
  4. Review from Luminous Landscape.
  5. Review from wedding photography prospective. 
  6. Rob Galbraith, review.
  7. Reverie“, sample Video by Vincent Laforet using Canon 5dMkII, behind the scenes and a bit of blogging. He also plans to release raw video, watch his blog.

To keep my promise of bringing this blog back to life, let’s start from the re-introduction of this site, goals, site features, plans for future.

Read more in the very long post below …

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In preparation to bring this blog back to life I finally found some spare time to fix RSS feeds and setup some feeds via Feedburner. All feeds have english and russian language versions, you can subscribe to latest images, latest blog posts or place descriptions. I’ve also created multiplexed feeds that join all three mentioned above into single feed.

To subscribe, click on corresponding RSS icons on the fron page or follow to the subscription page to see all options.

E-mail subscription is availabale for each feed and delivered by feedburner.