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  1. This link will be for waterfall maniacs – locations of all waterfalls in Australia. As it is based on locality names, it does not guarantee that there is a waterfal, but at least gives you and idea where to look for.
  2. Blog about Singh-Ray filters, shows real examples and explains techniques used to take some nice landscape shots. Even if you don’t have these expensive filters, it is a really good place to look for inspiration and learn something new.
  3. PhotoPreneur Blog. Here is what they say: “Photopreneur exists to identify the new opportunities that these changes are churning up for professionals, hobbyists and for camera-owners who want to earn from their photography.”

As usual for long weekends, we are going to explore some new interesting places, so there will be no updates for some time – sorry for this.

I’ve just decided to declare Fridays in this blog as a Links Day. From now on, I’ll post links to interesting articles, blogs and sites weekly. At least I’ll try to stick to this schedule. 

  1. FM 100 Hue Test. What is your colour IQ? I’ve got score 0 on the first and the only try.
  2. Digital Photography Workflow: Fashion Photography, by Patrick Lavoie. Patrick, professional photo retoucher, describes his digital workflow in details.

According to google, there are 1.3 millions pages that mention Canon 5d Mark II. Just to keep most useful in the one place, Canon 5D Mark II info:

  1. Official specs from Canon
  2. Summary of press info and specs on Northlight Images. 
  3. DPReview
  4. Review from Luminous Landscape.
  5. Review from wedding photography prospective. 
  6. Rob Galbraith, review.
  7. Reverie“, sample Video by Vincent Laforet using Canon 5dMkII, behind the scenes and a bit of blogging. He also plans to release raw video, watch his blog.