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A free resource dedicated to RAW-based camera image quality – DXOMark. ” … DxO Labs’ image quality database allows users to analyze and compare digital camera image quality performance based on thousands of scientific, bias-free RAW-based measurements… “.

According to DXO Labs my Canon 20D is not that bad at all, it will be interesting to compare it with Canon 5D Mark II.

– Alan Doyle played a little bit with Canon 5D Mark II video, demonstrating rolling shutter and jelly effect.

marmite and canon eos from alan doyle on Vimeo

Another week passed, and here is a next dose of some interesting links:

– Nature photography from Ethan Meleg - enjoy his portfolio here and blog over here.

– A very useful and promising initiative to describe best photo spots - Open Source Photography Guides. It is broken by country and then by region and published in the blog style. Main international site.  NSW, Australia portion. It is quite new, so do not expect to see a lot.

Nick Veasey, X-RAY Photograper. It is not something very new, I knew about this excellent porfolio for a while now, but though that it would be good thing to mention.