If you are a regular reader of my blog, by now, you should already know that there is no shortage of waterfalls in Blue Mountains, but what about Sydney itself? Well, there are some …

This small waterfall is called Upper Gledhill Falls and located in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in Sydney’s North.

There is not much information about this waterfall, especially about its location, but once you know where it is, it is not hard to get there.

If you drive from Mona Vale Road, follow McCarrs Creek Road until the bridge over McCarrs Creek (about 4.5 km from Mona Vale Road) and park your car immediately after the bridge. Keep in mind that bridge is quite small and it is very easy to miss it.

Once you are there, the way to the waterfall is obvious, but don’t expect to find a well-established walking track there. I’d also recommend to bring your hiking footwear with you – you will face some rock climbing and hopping along the way.


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  • http://www.genkin.org/ Ilya Genkin

    This is quite interesting. Some time ago almost nobody knew this waterfall. It wasn't on any map. There weren't any guides how to find it. I saw it only once in a book. I spent days researching Internet how to find it. And then I spent a day scouting in the national park trying to find it. Sure I found it. Later I even put it on wikimapia.org. Now internet full of photos of this waterfall. I'm glad I've done my bit in order to make this place available for many people.


    • http://www.yktravelphoto.com Yegor Korzh

      Ilya, I remember I've seen it on Ken Duncan's website a while ago. Thanks for putting an effort and shraing its location …

      • http://www.genkin.org/ Ilya Genkin

        Could be. Haven't checked his web-site for ages. And anywhay he is not sharing locations.

  • Zoe Macdonald

    is it dangerous to park on the road to get there?