Deep Sky Astrophotography for Beginners. If you don’t have those expensive telescopes and tracking devices, you can try using image stacking techique to get some good results.

– For long trips, I usually do some homework and prepare a spreadsheet with sunrise/sunset times for each location for each day. It is good to be prepared, but I was always hoping to have a more dynamic way of determining sunset and sunrise times. UTMDATA for S60 Symbian-based mobile phones – this small freeware application runs on the mobile phone, can read current GPS position from the built-in or external receiver and calculate current sunrise and sunset times.

– I have also spent some time this week, exploring different ways to fit graduated filters on super wide-angle lenses like Canon 14mm F2.8 II. Here are some useful forum topics and guides:

Using a Cokin X-Pro filter on the Sigma 12-24 lens
– DPReview forum: 14-24 with graduated ND filters
– DPReview forum: Help! Polarizing Filter On The 14mm II Lens
– FredMiranda forum: Nikon 14-24 on 1Ds3 + filters question
– FredMiranda forum: dusk ambience

I think I’ll try to make my own holder for Cokin X-Pro filters that would work on 14mm. I’ll post my results.

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