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With this special winter holidays edition of the monthly calendar wallpaper I’d like to thank you, my reader, for all that support and interest in my photography you gave me over this year! Thank you, I do really appreciate it!

In the coming year, I wish you all the best, lots of journeys and many-many new discoveries! Should you find yourself stuck in the office dreaming about holidays, put this wallpaper on your computer desktop and let these dogs pull you through sad office days to your next travel destination!

As always, this and older wallpapers with updated calendar are available for download here: Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars.

Despite of many troubles successfully organised by Finnair, I’m finally back in Sydney. It was a great trip with almost full winter holiday experience – low temperatures, lots of snow, snowmobiles, skies, snowshoes, reindeers, dog sleds and northern lights. I’m not really happy with results from photography prospective, but, I promise, there will be a few images.

P.S. From logistics prospective this trip wasn’t perfect – in addition to disrupted plans caused Finnair cabin crew strike, I’ve lost a bunch of LiIon batteries (including spares for Canon 5DMkII and 20D) – confiscated by Helsinki airport security. I didn’t know that LiIon batteries should not be in the checked-in baggage. So, keep it in mind and bring it with you on board.