As you probably noticed, I’m back from Christmas and New Year holidays and busy processing new photos. Lots of material. I estimate that I’ll publish new images and descriptions of some great places at least twice a week from now on – so stay tuned, or, alternatively, subscribe to RSS feeds.

BTW, I’ve improved feed for the latest images, now you don’t need a looking glass for it. Thumbnail images are a bit larger now.

Another way of getting updates is to add me as a contact on Flickr, I cross-post all images from this site to my gallery there

I don’t say that I’m surprised, but processing RAW files form the 5DMarkII takes a bit more time. 25-30Mb RAW files require a bit more processing power, comparing to RAWs from my old Canon 20D, especially for panoramas. Previously, it took minutes for PTGui to stitch an HDR panorama. Now, for huge TIFFs, produced by 5DMkII, it takes hours.

All of this is happening on QuadCore 2.7Ghz,  8GB RAM and separate HDDs for data and temporary files. As CPU and RAM are almost never 100% utilised, it seems that HDDs are creating this bottleneck. Or, it can be Vista … hmm.

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  • xbody

    Yeah, the same story with RAWs from 5D II for me. I decided to use SRAW1 format for a while for most pictures. And I also programed my SET button on camera for quick change resolution if needed.

  • xbody

    Кстати, после коммента он мне выдал что страница не найдена

  • Yegor Korzh

    По поводу “Page Not Found” – это баг связки gengo и WP2.7 … патча пока-что нету, только workaround-ы. :(

  • Yegor Korzh

    After inital firmware bugs with pattern noise in SRAW formats I decided to stay away from SRAW1/2 :). At least for some time. In addition to that, huge resolution gives more flexibility in post-processing.

  • Yegor Korzh

    As for PTGUI and long processing time – I found that on multi-core systems PTGUI uses several parallel threads to process source images. You can configure number of threads in the settings menu.

    All these threads are trying to access a temporary drive at the same time and it slows down overall HDD access significantly. As a workaround, I’ve disbled multiple threads in PTGUI (configured it to 1), now it runs really fast.

    The proper solution would be using a HDD RAID array for temporary and data disks.