Burra Farmhouse

I’m sure that like many other ruins, this old farmhouse have it’s own special story to tell, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about this old farm.

Burra Farmhouse

It is located 3 kilometers north of Burra, on the Barrier Highway, just next to the road. You can pull off onto the unsealed road next to the field.

Burra FarmhouseBurra Farmhouse

Its condition and location makes it a perfect place to make an excellent “classic rural” photo that represents the whole region and its history. And it looks like the owner of this land is already sick of photographers wondering on his field trying to find the best spot – I didn’t see signs like this on other properties in the region.

Burra Farmhouse

So, let’s say thanks to the owner who keeps these ruins there as they are.

Additional info:
– images on flickr
Burra Vistor Centre
History of Burra


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  • Jane

    Just to let you now this old farmhouse is very famous as it graced the cover of Midnight Oils album Diesel & Dust.
    Rather famous and very regularly photographed hosue.

    • http://yk.mynetscene.com Yegor Korzh

      Thanks for the info – I didn’t know that! It is good to know, probably I will need to update this post …

  • JJJ

    The property is owned by the Stockman family. I think the house has a sordid past (locals say), but that’s a story for them to tell.