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Different images require a different amount of work to get it right. Some are just point and shoot, some work well with a stack of filters in front of the camera, others require some creative post processing, but some special cases will squeeze an extra mile from you. The moment I came to this location I knew that I wanted to shoot this mountain with reflection, the problem was that I couldn’t get a nice one without going into the water … freezing cold water. Believe me, those “icebergs” are floating there for a reason. I tried couple times, but couldn’t stand it for more than 20 seconds – it was burning cold. Fortunately I had some time before the sunset to come up with The Solution.

For the next hour people were pointing at me fingers and joking, but I kept collecting reasonably sized rocks and stayed focused on the construction. At the end, I was standing with my tripod on the tip of the narrow 2.5m long rock “bridge”. Needless to say that moments after I finished my work I was approached by some people asking to take a shot from there.

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