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Us – are all poor people who monitors photo-related rumors daily in hopes that Canon announces a replacement for Canon 5D. There were many rumors regarding 10th of June – “two stars from Canon”, “wait till the 10th of June”, etc. All these cryptic ads from Canon kept hopes that 5DMkII (3D, 6D ,7D, “Cobra” whatever they call it) will be announced today.

Well, it didn’t happen, but now we have one more entry-level dSLR and next generation 430EX.

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From my professional experience I always knew that hardware vendors are always looking for opportunity to point fingers to someone else. Same happens to software developers.

Last month I’ve upgraded WordPress to the latest release and updated all plugins as well, everything went fine except a plugin that crossposts to LiveJournal – ljxp. After activation, blog stopped working with weird error … the only solution to get it up again was to disable LJXP.

Latest version of plugin didn’t solve the problem, so I decided to ask plugin author to have a look at it. As I expected, he quickly decided that it is a fault of another plugin that I’m using (Gengo – multilanguage support).

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