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Despite of many troubles successfully organised by Finnair, I’m finally back in Sydney. It was a great trip with almost full winter holiday experience – low temperatures, lots of snow, snowmobiles, skies, snowshoes, reindeers, dog sleds and northern lights. I’m not really happy with results from photography prospective, but, I promise, there will be a few images.

P.S. From logistics prospective this trip wasn’t perfect – in addition to disrupted plans caused Finnair cabin crew strike, I’ve lost a bunch of LiIon batteries (including spares for Canon 5DMkII and 20D) – confiscated by Helsinki airport security. I didn’t know that LiIon batteries should not be in the checked-in baggage. So, keep it in mind and bring it with you on board.

Just returned from a 2 week trip to New Zealand (South of South Island). Unfortunately, weather wasn’t perfect, so we’ve managed to complete less then half of our travel plans… but I’m not complaining at all – it is a great place with absolutely amazing nature.

Will begin photo processing and posting next week.

P.S. Photo above: Mount Cook (3754 m), also known as Aoraki.

I know, I know … I haven’t posted much over the last month. Sorry for that! I was tied up with other projects and didn’t have much time to post new things. But that will change soon – in a few hours I’m catching a flight to New Zealand’s South Island, where I’m going to spend 16 days. All gear cleaned, packed and ready …

Hopefully I’ll come back with a lot of new images and stories.

See you later!

Are you a Facebook addict? If so, I have a great news for you: I was resisting Facebook for a while, but now I realise its great potential and happy to announce a Yegor Korzh Travel Photography Facebook Fan page. I hope it will make it easier for you to receive updates from this website, so become a fan, participate in discussions, criticize – you are very welcome!

But if you don’t use Facebook regularly, you can still use the following options:

Among other site-wide changes you could notice that I have changed a standard blog commenting system to DISQUS: now you can use your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, OpenID or DISQUS account to comment on posts in blog and places sections.

Let me know what you think! Is there anything I could do better? Do you like my new website color scheme? Is there anything I could improve?